Making Room for Creativity

by Andrew S. Cook, Ed.D., PCC, GroupWorks Global Consultant and Coach Everyone is creative. Yes, everyone is creative. Creativity is an innate skill each of us is born with. In fact, researcher George Land, PhD, conducted a landmark study in 1968 that showed 98% of preschool-age children possess genius-level creativity. Shockingly, that number dwindles down to 2% by adulthood. Land reasoned that society - with its systems and their accompanying rules and boundaries - has a way of snuffing out [...]

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Brief Goal-Focused Coaching (BGFC)

Years ago, I worked with a large health insurance company conducting outcome research for short-term, solution-focused therapy. For therapists — and mostly for insurance companies — the focus was on proving that short-term therapy was as effective as long term therapy. It came as no surprise to me that the outcomes were mixed; there are many of variables, including patient engagement and highly varied clinical issues. One unexpected outcome of this method I found, though, is that some of these [...]

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Creative Curations – February 2022

The GroupWorks Global team is always learning and staying up-to-date on topics pertinent to our work. Plus, we are perpetually curious! This month, we've curated an article and a podcast we think you'll enjoy. 2022 Is the Year You Should Hire a Coach (article) "According to a 2015 survey from the ICF and the Human Capital Institute, “51% of respondents from organizations that invested in coaching reported higher revenue than that of other similar organizations” (Arruda). This is a convincing statistic [...]

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How to Make Empathy a Renewable Resource in Your Organization

Developing or refreshing empathy skills is a win-win for employees and companies. Empathy is one’s ability to take someone else’s perspective and, in some cases, actually feel what they do in a given moment or situation. (For instance, you are empathizing when you cry because you feel the sadness of a character in a book or movie.) The literature points to three types of empathy “cognitive empathy – the ability to understand another person’s point of view; emotional empathy – [...]

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