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For over 20 years, Dr. Felice Tilin has been highly respected as an executive coach, change consultant, facilitator, educator and team expert in multi-national private, public, and non-profit sectors. GroupWorks team of consultants is the preferred partner in the market sectors we serve.

Our organizational clients experience successful transformation of their culture into caring communities, driven by exceptional people as well as the personal fulfillment of their contribution to enhance the mission of the organization.

GroupWork’s Coaching Leader Program™ provides a multi-modal research-based approach to coaching. We teach and certify individual professionals who want to expand who they are, elevate what they accomplish, and amplify the contribution they bring to the world.

What separates GroupWorks from other organizational consulting firms and coaching organization is our academic, research-based approach and our expertise in human systems transformation that informs everything we do.

Our individual professional clients experience personal transformation, clarity of
purpose and how they will make a real difference in the world. Set up a meeting with us to discuss what you’d like to accomplish for your organization, or your professional development.

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We work in a wide range industries around the world.

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