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“Coaching helped me increase my self awareness unlocked my full leadership potential.”
-Elliot, Vice President, Engineering

We use the latest research across the social sciences to create an approach to coaching that has had global impact with clients and coaches around the worlds. Our executive coaching engagements are designed to meet your needs by creating a safe space to discuss challenges, reframe problems and help to bring your creative intelligence to the surface to act positively in complex situations. Our engagements help clients navigate change and complex systems through the leadership development, emotional intelligence and systems thinking support they get through the coaching process.

All GroupWorks coaches are trained and certified in organizational dynamics, psychology and in executive coaching in the workplace. They help clients learn about their leadership potential, discover goals and put new behaviors into practice. Our coaches will ask questions, give you feedback and have honest conversations with you so you can clarify your own thoughts and reframe problems.

Our coaching engagements are structured to meet your needs. In addition to Executive Coaching engagements for senior leader we offer structured short-term outcome-based coaching that could be accompanied by our best in class organizational leadership curriculum

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