Should I Partner with an Executive Coach…or Become One?

Twenty-first-century managers, regardless of expertise, are challenged every today to meet rapidly changing societal and business needs. Traditional command-and-control practices no longer work.To succeed, today’s leaders must step back from traditional methods like doing, telling, and directing and embrace a more collaborative approach to managing and leading. When to Partner with a Coach A growing majority of leaders today utilize an executive coach as a thought partner to optimize their own performance and they bring that wisdom to their own [...]

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A New Perspective On Burnout

Advice for how to combat burnout abounds and a quick google search returns almost 6 million articles. Research in burnout shows three factors that contribute to burnout: exhaustion, cynicism and professional efficacy (Maslach et. al., 2018). When exhaustion and cynicism are high and professional efficacy is low -- the result is burnout. Most articles will tell you how to reduce exhaustion and cynicism but few focus on increasing professional efficacy. Professional efficacy comes from feeling successful at work. If you [...]

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