Lula Defersha, MSODL, PCC
Executive Coach , Consultant, & Facilitator

Lula brings her talent and expertise to GroupWorks as a coach, consultant, and facilitator. She has over 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, specializing in leadership coaching for Black and Brown women and consulting on issues such as organizational culture development, community engagement, conflict resolution mediation, change management, and immigrant equity and inclusion. Her immigrant background profoundly influences her approach, driving her commitment to fostering environments where diversity and inclusion are prioritized.

Lula, a true connector, convener, builder, learner, and thought partner, thrives on exploring new spaces and developing innovative frameworks. Her joy lies in collaborating with her peers to foster new understandings, learning opportunities, and creative processes. Her holistic approach ensures that the complexities of human and organizational behavior are always considered in crafting sustainable solutions.

Lula is dedicated to helping leaders build robust organizations. She guides them in envisioning their future, acquiring necessary leadership skills, and developing the training and policies that promote employee engagement and organizational health. Lula’s work is a testament to her belief in the transformative power of inclusive leadership and the importance of giving voice to the underrepresented.

Lula holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Organization Development and is an ICF Certified Coach.

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