Colin Seitz, MSODL, ACC

Colin Seitz, MSODL, PCC
Executive Coach and Consultant

Colin’s focus and passion center around people, leadership, and culture, something that took root almost 30 years ago, when as a young US Marine, Colin learned the principles and foundations of leadership. That experience influenced and guided the path that his professional life followed; while Colin has held many operational roles during his roughly 20 years in the corporate world his focus was always on service to others and the people side of organizations.  

Colin thrives in an environment where he can bring a diverse group of people together for one  common cause. Using inquiry and collaborative approach, Colin helps leaders focus on solving  complex problems and formulating long-lasting solutions. As an ICF certified coach, Colin is goal  and action oriented, having accumulated hundreds of hours helping c-suite, executives, senior  leaders, and high potential employees achieve their personal and professional goals. 

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