Twenty-first-century managers, regardless of expertise, are challenged every today to meet rapidly changing societal and business needs. Traditional command-and-control practices no longer work.To succeed, today’s leaders must step back from traditional methods like doing, telling, and directing and embrace a more collaborative approach to managing and leading.

When to Partner with a Coach
A growing majority of leaders today utilize an executive coach as a thought partner to optimize their own performance and they bring that wisdom to their own teams. An executive coach can serve as a sounding board, someone who can encourage alternate perspectives and help leaders develop action strategies for moving forward.

When to Become a Coach
Leaders who utilize coaching techniques develop and empower their staff to grow in – and beyond – their positions. Coaching leaders partner with employees in a way that unleashes innovation, energy, and commitment in a constantly changing environment. Increasingly, coaching is becoming integral to the fabric of a learning culture—a skill that good managers at all levels need to develop and deploy. When you become a coach, you understand how to use coaching as a practice, a skill, and as a management technique. This allows you to be agile and meet the needs of your coachees and employees in complex organizations and situations.

Start Your Journey to Become a Coach
The Coaching Leader certification program prepares participants with the coaching skills needed for success — and serves as an entryway to gaining a professional coaching certification from the International Coaching Federation, the world’s preeminent professional coaching organization.

The Coaching Leader Program is deeply transformative; students are challenged to transform into their ideal self while learning practical coaching methods, theories, and skills they can use immediately to improve their ability to lead teams, develop staff, and increase organizational effectiveness. Individual, pair, and group work complement the experience, fostering a strong community of peers that serves as a network of professional support for years to come.

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