GDQ Certification


Being GDQ Certified means you, your clients, and your organization can have confidence that you can help teams become more effective and productive.


This four-day course certifies you in the use of an internationally renowned, valid, and reliable team assessment tool.  Developed by Susan A. Wheelan, this training and tool – grounded in years of research – gives you insight and information about groups and teams. The course includes hands-on experiences with group development, team assessment and group intervention using the GDQ.


This training is designed to provide you with:

  • Knowledge of the group theory and research that form the basis of the GDQ

  • Knowledge, skill, and practice in administering and scoring the GDQ

  • Knowledge, skill, and practice in interpreting the GDQ profiles of different groups

  • Knowledge, skill, and practice in facilitating an intervention process designed to increase group effectiveness and productive

Certification Training 2015

For 2015 dates, more information and to sign up please contact